Premiership Reunions


Premiership Reunions have become part and parcel in the AFL in recent years, but does anything positive ever come out of these glorified piss-ups? Every time a premiership reunion is publically organised there is always some controversy that ruins it for everybody and really did we need reminding about the fact that the West Coast Eagles won the flag in 2006?

The West Coast Eagles held their 2006 premiership reunion at Domain Stadium last Friday night before the clubs clash with Essendon last weekend and it should come as no surprise that discussion about the club’s alleged drug use at the time of their premiership took centre stage.

Ben Cousins was sadly unable to be in attendance after yet another meltdown, but the controversial Daniel Chick did take up the invitation despite spending the past 12 months slamming the club.

Surely this was extremely awkward for all concerned.

Chick controversially lifted the lid about the drug culture at West Coast before the AFL Grand Final last year and earlier this year he slammed the club, former coach John Worsfold and all of his teammates except Ben Cousins and Daniel Kerr.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall during his discussions with teammates.

This has not been the only time that these self-indulgent premiership reunions have been nothing short of extremely awkward.

The North Melbourne premiership winning side of 1996 and 1999 was torn apart by the affair between Wayne Carey and the wife of his former best mate Anthony Stevens and the feud between the two players plagued the ten year reunion of their 1999 premiership.

The pair reportedly met up last week to try and stop the 20 year reunion of their 1996 Premiership turning into a Stevens vs Carey war, but it will be very interesting to see what ends up happening once the beers start flowing.

The Brisbane Lions are another club that have had their recent premiership reunions plagued by tension.

Jason Akermanis was not a popular figure when he left the Lions and he was reportedly like the nerd in the corner that nobody wanted to talk to at the 2011 reunion, while key forward Daniel Bradshaw elected not to attend the reunion due to a falling out with former club captain Michael Voss due to the fact that Voss made the idiotic decision to try and trade Bradshaw for Brendan Fevola.

The AFL needs to do away with these premiership reunions or give us what we really want – televised coverage on this clowns getting stuck into each other on the drink!





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