Bye Bye Bye


Sorry to excite you but – sadly – I won’t be talking about the outstanding ‘N Sync side Bye Bye Bye. Instead, I will be starting the campaign to eliminate the bye from the AFL forever. The past two rounds in the AFL have been nothing short of disgraceful and there is nothing to blame but the bye. The AFLPA are calling for another bye to be added to the AFL calendar, but we need to go the other way and say Bye Bye Bye to the Bye.

The past two rounds of the AFL have been as exciting as a debate between Malcolm Shorten and Bill Turnbull.

In round 13, we did a quality Friday night game between North Melbourne and Hawthorn, but the rest of the weekend was an absolute chore to sit through and it is a sad state of affairs when a Bombers game was the second best fixture of the weekend.

Last weekend was even worse and I was so flaccid by the quality of football on display that I almost – almost – put the beer down and went for a run.

The Geelong-St Kilda encounter was a good watch, but the Collingwood-Fremantle and Richmond-Richmond-Brisbane games were both contenders for the worst game of the season and if I wanted to watch a bunch of morons struggle to kick the ball straight like what was on display in the Adelaide-North Melbourne clash, I would go and watch my nephew play Auskick.

I heard Ted Richards on the radio earlier this week complaining about the fact that the players didn’t get the second game that they asked for, but these selfish bastards need to take a good hard look at themselves.

I have to go to work five days a week and the only thing that gets me through the majority of these days is the fact that I have the footy to look forward to one the weekend.

When I have rounds like this weekend to look forward to – the best game includes the bloody Swans – each day becomes longer and my (already shambolic) work suffers.

I don’t think I could handle another three weeks like this every season.

I understand that playing in the AFL much be difficult on the body – I struggle to walk about a big night on the dance floor – but these blokes need to suck it up and concentrate on the fact that they already get half the year off as it is!

Professional Soccer Players – not the amateurs in the A-League – played multiple times a week for their club for 32 weeks a year and when that is finished they head off to play for their country.

Soccer players are the biggest bunch of whingers out there, but even they are tougher than Ted Richards and his other comrades at the AFLPA.

Suck it up, take a bullet for the fans and get rid of the bye for good!

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