Poll Of The Week: 24th March 2016

Mixed Bag

The Easter Bunny is coming to town and it’s not weird at all. Of course there’s nothing strange about a human-sized rabbit sneaking into houses on a religious-based holiday to deliver small children with chocolate eggs.

It’s all a bit of an acid trip really and however all the strange Easter traditions came about, our guess is there were some pretty ace drugs kicking about in the meeting.

Whatever. All we know is that four glorious work-free days are coming up, unless you count working the bookies because that’s exactly how we’ll be spending Easter Saturday punting on The BMW and Vinery Stud Stakes card at Rosehill.

And after that when all the rellies get around on the Sunday to exchange more chocolate than even the Brisbane Broncos’ Sammy Thaiday would know what to do with on his “cheat” days ending in ‘y’, it’s a relief to know Monday is also a public holiday.

Chances are we’ll be consuming more beers than eggs in an attempt to survive the Sunday and Monday will be spent in bed recovering.

What else other than booze and betting will help you through Easter? Our Poll of the Week!

We usually prefer bunnies of the Playboy variety, but seriously if the Easter Bunny looked like the ladies we’ve unwrapped this week we’d be more than willing to let them into our room to deliver.

Last year the bouncing bunny Kate Upton made an Easter commercial for LOVE magazine and the result had us melting faster than choccy eggs sitting too close to the BBQ.

It’s hard to find a worthy component for Upton to face off in the boobs-compartment, but you have to admit the original crack queen Kate Moss gives her a run for her money. What’s even more surprising is that Moss’s photos were taken just a couple of years ago, proof that all the coke in the world can’t be THAT bad for your health!

So which Bunny has the best basket in your opinion?



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