Poll Of The Week: 18th March 2016

Mixed Bag

I’ve got an itch, any volunteers? My balls are tingling, but not from anything I picked up celebrating the Protest Payout option at my bookie when Awesome Rock lost to Preferment in last weekend’s Australian Cup – I had a little on both each way!

They are itching for the second episode of Channel 7’s latest reality television rubbish – the Seven Year Switch – that started this week.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to fall into the trap of putting this mindless shit on the idiot box, but lack of anything better to do on a Tuesday night with the footy not on until Thursday saw me succumb.

And boy oh boy am I bloody glad I did!

I don’t know what’s wrong with the tools on this show that has them preferring to play golf with the boys than bang their hot missus, but I’m more than happy to stand in.

For those out of the loop, the show centres around four couples that “switch” partners for a couple of weeks and live in big beautiful houses full of spas and shit so that they are tempted to hook-up.

It’s for couples at the end of their ropes and thinking of breaking up. Makes perfect sense right?

It is a stupid concept. It is a stupid show. But, whoever is in charge of casting were bang-on with the babes!

So fr our Poll of the Week we’ve picked two of the ladies on the show who we can’t wait to see strip down, which of course is going to be on the brief because nothing else is going to keep people watching.

It’s We-Met-On-Tinder Tallena who’s got the bling but the fiancé Brad keeps taking it away – what a winner – up against Jackie who can’t get her man Tim say I Love You.

Tallena is a good girl we’d like to see turn bad while Jackie has a foul mouth that could be put to good use.

Who is going to keep you from switching channels next episode?


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